Urvi Trivedi, RGD

My love for art started at a young age, constantly getting lost in my imagination, translating it into doodles during school time.

I have a post-graduate degree in Information Technology and experience in the web development in Mumbai, India. Once I moved to Canada, I pursued my passion for Graphic Design at Seneca College and later did a Full Stack Developer course in Red Academy. In spite of my main interest in design, I have gained experience in web development that enables me to understand the underlying requirements to create a functional interactive design.

My work and designs encompass a vast variety of the skills and knowledge that I have gained through my past study and experience at Mumbai, my present study at Seneca College, my experience as Design Intern and later a contract UX/UI Web Designer and Developer freelancer at Bruce Mau Design.

The field of design caters a way to express my creative nature under the influence of the main goal for communication. My career goal is to evolve from my experiences as a visual designer/communicator and being my true self.

I am a Registered Graphic Designer, Toronto.

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